Plan Your Own Bike Tours In India

Whether you own your own bike or might have to consider a road bike for hire, there is no reason that you should not plan your own bike adventure around the country. Whether you have friends who are willing to ride the journey with you or are thinking of doing it all on your own, there is no reason why you should not have that adventure of a lifetime.


These days, there are innumerable companies and organisations which offer and arrange bike tours in India, but it is actually not that tough to plan your own. All you need to have a clear idea of which part of India you want to explore and how many days you have on hand – the rest of it all should fall into place easy enough. Let’s say, this is your first trip ever and you have only three to five days at hand, look for an area that is in your vicinity. From cities like Delhi, you could drive towards Mussoorie or Dehradun or even Corbett National Park or from Mumbai to Ganpatipule or Mahabaleshwar.


Part of the motorcycle adventure tours in India is the fact that you might not have the best places to stay in, but be willing to explore the rural landscape. Choose to eat with the locals and taste what is enjoyed by them. However, make sure that you purchase bottled water, because this is what normally causes stomach troubles. Also make sure that you always have some liquid cash in hand, as well as some credit cards, contact information and a valid license.